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General Liability Insurance for Personal Chefs

The Insurance Exchange, a part of HUB International and one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the mid-Atlantic region, is pleased to introduce a customized insurance program designed exclusively for members of the American Personal & Private Chef Association. This program provides tailored coverage specific to the needs of your personal-chef business. Your insurance needs will be taken care of quickly and easily so you can focus on what you do best – preparing wonderful meals for your clients!

Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • A low $250 deductible
  • Comprehensive coverage tailored to your business
  • Very competitive premiums with renewal discounts
  • Underwritten through nationally recognized insurance company
  • Coverage available in the lower 48 states. (Not in AK and HI)
  • On-line certificate requests - 24 hours a day
  • Personalized service from knowledgeable agents
  • Liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence
Important Differences in Types of Small Business Liability Coverage

We receive many questions regarding the differences between the business-liability insurance offered by APPCA's proprietary brokers and that offered by our competitors.

There are two distinct types of liability coverage for personal-chef businesses: (1) wholly owned individual coverage and (2) common "pool" coverage

APPCA offers discount rates for broad, flexible coverage in a policy in your name (that you own exclusively), while the No. 2 personal-chef organization offers narrow, pooled coverage that is shared by hundreds of other members in which the master policy is issued in that organization's name only.

Imagine a scenario in which a major, catastrophic claim made by a personal chef reduces the amount of protection by that dollar amount for every other member of the organization. A second, unrelated catastrophic claim might not be covered.

For you, the choice is one of covering your risk as a home-based business owner/operator or sharing risk with many others whom you do not know and over whose actions you don't control.

Business consultants will tell you that when starting your small business, you will want to ensure that you are managing your own liability risk with a broad insurance policy that covers you with the highest limits of liability possible. This supports APPCA's policy of sound business practices by offering A+ rated liability insurance that you - alone - own to protect you from unexpected losses and protects your valued clients.

For Example:
Say your organization offers a "pool" policy that is included in your membership purchase. If this policy has a $2 million limit, any claim against that policy will reduce that limit. So if another member of your organization files a claim for $500,000 and it is paid, then your liability coverage as a member in this risk pool is reduced by $500,000. Sometimes cheaper is not better, especially when it comes to managing your company's assets and liabilities.

APPCA's liability-insurance coverage is an additional cost beyond membership, it's true. But our policy offers additional benefits of securing and managing your business' risk. More important, YOU own the policy and have more control over the myriad possibilities for losses. Remember Murphy's Law: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, given enough time.

Below are some of the benefits of APPCA's general-liability-insurance coverage:

  • Single-owner liability coverage of up to $1,000,000 per incident
  • Average policy cost of $400 to $500 per year, payable quarterly, semi-annually or even monthly, and priced according to YOUR zip code, not someone else's high-risk geographic area. (Florida only accepts annual premium payments.)
  • Per-event, advance-notice catering rider on your existing policy at no additional fee
  • APPCA's general-liability insurance covers damages sustained from items stolen from the vehicle used for your business, when locked, as well the loss of or damage to your computer system. Even your business records are covered, including your computer files.

For more detailed information about APPCA's professional liability coverage visit

To receive a quotation, simply complete the online application.

We will attempt to email you a proposal of insurance ASAP.

  • Please note: We do our best to achieve a two business day or less turnaround but some coastal locations and certain states (particularly Florida) may take longer than two days , possibly one to two weeks. So you will want to plan accordingly. No coverage is offered for Alaska and Hawaii.

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